What DIY Burglar Alarm is best for you?

Here we have put together a list of a number of the best burglar alarms for home, all which you can install and set up yourself. Then differ in size, potential for customisation and simplicity.

This guide can assist you in deciding what type of burglar alarm you want to use to help protect you, your house and its contents.

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Yale Sync Smart Alarm

This alarm system can be monitored remotely by the user via an app, providing them with alerts if the alarm has been activated. It also uses geo-location technology which can remind you to set the alarm as you leave, putting your mind at rest.

Another modern technological feature of this alarm is that in can be connected to an Amazon Alexa or Philips Hue for added security measures.

A slight risk with this alarm is that it is connected to the outside phone line of properties, which could be tampered with by an intruder if they are aware, which would result in the alarm call not being received. There is also a setting which does not call to the monitoring centre which eliminates the cost of monitoring fees.

Fortress Security Home Alarm Monitor System DIY Kit

This security alarm kit is made up of two passive motion detectors, to sense any unusual movement, eight magnetic door and window sensors which can identify break-ins, as well as one 110dB alarm, a strobe light, panic button, fobs to set or turn off the alarm and security stickers.

The various elements really allow you to customise the system to your home, being able to protect more vulnerable areas of the property. Furthermore, the alarm system can be set up to call a chosen phone number if activated, or even play a recorded message or sound.

The alarm can be disabled by either entering the security code or using the fobs.

Tiiwee Wireless Home Alarm System

This simplistic alarm system is powered by batteries, meaning the connection cannot be as easily targeted by intruders as it is wireless. The alarm itself is an extremely strong siren which rings once triggered, intended to scare off any intruders.

The main kit comes with two sensors but more can be added to help further protect additional rooms and zones of the house, making it suitable for larger properties where multiple areas need monitoring.

Although expandable in number, features such as CCTV video cameras can not be added into the security system.

Honeywell Wireless Home Security System Family Alarm

This security system was designed with ease of use in mind, in addition to its quick and simple installation. The system is made up of a siren alarm, contact sensors for doors and windows, a for and a PIR motion sensor.

The fob is used to easily set or turn off the alarm system, and additional ones can be added for multiple people to use.

The alarm can also be activated by a panic alarm which rings even if the sensors were not triggered.

As a wireless system, it is powered by batteries, with each element of the system having low battery warnings to indicate when to change them.

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