What Are the Differences Between Gaming Microphones and Others?

The incredible rise in popularity of gaming in recent years has led to a growing demand for accessories like gaming microphones. These are incredibly useful for anyone who wants to play in more of an atmospheric setting, or who plans to stream their games. With a billion new gamers expected in coming years, this market is set to grow even more.

If you are wondering why you should look for special gaming microphones, the following are some of the features that make them stand out from the crowd. Take a look to see which of them are going to be of most importance to you.

USB Connection

The ability to hook up your mic to the USB on your computer is a huge bonus if you are a keen gamer. It used to be that USB microphones were of a much lower quality than other types, but that is no longer the case. The best mics of this type now offer an extremely high level of quality.

Not all gaming mics are of the USB type, though. It is also possible to get a cordless version that doesn’t need to be plugged in anywhere. This kind of microphone uses a battery, and it is important to look for one that will last long enough for your gaming sessions. You don’t want to run out of juice at a critical moment.  

Here is a good article on the best gaming mic options that lets you see some of the models that are worth taking a closer look at. It also confirms that traditional XLR mics aren’t ideal for gaming purposes, as they need an additional interface to be used.  

Very Easy to Use

Most gamers just want a simple mic set-up that lets them get started with no fuss or delay. The idea is to just start playing and be able to use the microphone without any difficult or time-consuming controls. They don’t want to have to become expert microphone technicians just to enjoy some games.

Many of the top gaming mics have useful ways of adapting them to their needs, but they also allow you to start using them right away. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to waste any time going through a hefty instruction manual before using it. You just need to plug in your new mic and start using it.

Of course, if you want to produce professional-quality recordings or streams, you might decide to look for a model that can adjusted in numerous ways. This will give you a greater degree of flexibility, but it should also be easy to set up so that you don’t make life too complicated for yourself. 

Noise Reduction Features

The use of noise reduction features is very useful for gamers who play in a noisy environment.  Not every gamer has the luxury of a dedicated and sound-proofed gaming room that they can use all the time. 

Being able to reduce the background noise means that gaming is more enjoyable and that professional streaming or recording can be carried out far more easily.

You should also look out for an easy to use mute button that can be activated at any time even as you play. Some of them are completely silent to operate, meaning that no-one will even notice that you have put yourself on mute.  


It is easy to imagine that portability isn’t a huge issue for gamers. After all, most gaming microphones will be used the majority of the time in the same location. 

However, these mics are usually even more portable than the majority of XLR versions, as they are built into headphones. You can easily take one away with you and use it just about anywhere. 

This high level of portability can be very useful for some gamers, such as those who plan to play when they travel or those who want to record their gaming sessions in different places. Certainly, it is the type of useful benefit that it is best to have than not have.


The new generation of gaming microphones give gamers all of the features that they need in the kind of package that is easy to use. There is no longer any need to stick with the kind of mic that isn’t specifically designed for use in this way. 

If you haven’t tried a USB mic for some time then you might be surprised at the quality that they now offer. There is a great variety of models on the market, with the prices varying widely between the cheapest and the most expensive options.

Sandra Scott

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