Should You Pay for Facebook Ads?

So you’ve taken your business to the next level and really worked hard to make social media marketing a part of your daily routine.

You’ve gained a significant Facebook following and feel like you’ve kind of ‘plateaued’ since really taking off. It might be time to take things to the next level…advertising.

Yes, the advertising bug has caught social media by storm and you want to be a part of it.

Twitter has created Sponsored Tweets, Pinterest has started using Sponsored Pins and Facebook has advertisements.

So now the question is: should you pay for Facebook Ads? Is it really worth it and beneficial to your business. If so, how much should you be willing to spend on these ads?

Why Should I Buy Facebook Ads?

The revenue of Facebook advertising in 2018 alone was over $16 billion. So what does this mean for your company that’s just toying with the idea of ads on the platform? It means that there could be a market for you.

With over 2.4 billion users worldwide, chances are, your demographic is on Facebook.

A recent study conducted by social media examiner surveyed over 3,000 marketing professionals and out of the group, 97% said they rely on social media for their business.

That is an overwhelming majority.

Tailored Content

With Facebook ads, you have the ability to know exactly who is seeing your ads. The company calls these social context metrics, which is basically the way a marketer can see what kind of effect word of mouth marketing is having on your company.

These analytics are revolutionary in the social marketing world and can really make a difference in your advertising strategy. No longer are you advertising to a group that may be seeing your ads, but you’re now guaranteeing that they are.

Test it Out!

You can do one-off advertisements on Facebook, just to see what it can really do for you.

You can promote one of your company’s statuses for as little as $5! That status will be promoted to people who like your page, as well as their friends’ pages. You can still get a comprehensive report on the stats of this post, to see what kind of impact it had on your audience.

You can create your own budget on Facebook.

Want to spend $50 a day on ads or just $5? It’s really up to you to customize the ads to your needs. One thing that’s important to ask is, are the people who will see your ad your target audience?

Make sure they are before you begin customizing your ad space. It’s easy to see the amount of people viewing your ads and get excited, but stay focused on the real question.

Are they the right people?


Of 60 marketing campaigns that used Facebook advertisements in the past, 70% of them claimed to have a three-time or better return on investment. Those numbers really seem to speak for themselves.

While no ad space is a guarantee, starting off on a platform with such a large following and so many different demographics, it’s a great place to start.

Jess Glinn

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