I own a Startup, Why should I blog?

As a start-up company, you are the ship’s captain and are running a million different things that are coming down the pipe. You are the one who has all of the answers and makes all of the decisions.

Then one day you are sitting with a buddy who asks “Why don’t you have a blog?”

You start laughing because seriously adding one more item to your plate will make the plate tilt.

But wait one second, could it be a good idea to start a blog?

“I have nothing to blog about!” you say. While that may be true, there is a reason you stepped away from your 9 to 5 job to start one of the hardest jobs of your career, owning a startup. Could be there is more than meets your tired eye?

In this article I will discuss:

  1. Reasons Why You Should Blog
  2. Where to Create Your Blog
  3. Articles To Encourage Your Creativity

Reasons Why You Should Blog

I can give you two simple reasons

  1. Blogging helps with SEO
  2. This is content you can use to share across your social media platforms

Now let’s talk about the broader reasons that you should blog:

1. Reach Out To Your Community

This is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your community or customers. Talk to your potential customers like you would talk to them if they were in your store. Be authentic, give honest advice, and marker your services all in one great post.

Customers want to know who they are buying from, and blogging provides an easy way to let the customers get to know you over a period of time. You want your customers to think of you as a “thought leader” so that your customers trust that you are authority on you products or items that you are selling. If you are true and authentic to your brand, loyal customers will follow you.

2. Talk About How You Built, or Are Building Your Business

Now I don’t mean give away all of your industry secrets here, but talk about how your company came to be.

Talk about your company’s triumphs and defeats. Give a history on yourself and how you came up with the idea for your gadget or store.

Customers love a great backstory, and it allows them to feel like you are letting them in to get to know you.

Another reason to discuss how you are building or how you have built your business, is because it gives you a chance to talk about people or companies that have helped you along the way.

Why is this good? If you talk about a company and link to them from your blog, then you have started some back linking which will help with SEO.

Which means you could go to the company/person you mentioned and ask if they would like to do a blog about your company as well.

Nice back linking and SEO building for both sides all in one blog! Nice!

3. Involve Your Community

Now before we involve your community, it is good to note that building your audience base for your blog will take some time.

You will want to take one big blog topic and break it down into multiple blog topics for the first couple of months to a year so that you have continuous content that is readily available for your customers.

Once you have that community built, then you have the freedom to begin asking questions of you community. Using quotes, topics, or comments that your customers have left as topics or part of the content in your blogs.

Not only are you now becoming a leader in your community, but you are showing your customers that you are listening and reading what they are saying about you.

This “customer love” can be some of the BEST marketing you will ever have, and it all starts with just a blog!

All right, You Have Convinced Me. Where Do I Get A Blog?

  1. WordPress: If your website has been created in WordPress, then you have a blog already built into your website. Just ask your development team to turn the blog on and add the link to your homepage. (This happens to my favorite way to blog!)
  2. Tumbler: This is a blogging platform, but they encourage more use of multimedia as well as content. This is a great way to show off videos and pictures with minimal content if your company needs to show off visuals.
  3. Blogger: I still see many personal websites using Blogger like Etsy stores, or small home business companies. Blogger does not offer as much design flexibly as WordPress, but if you are just looking for a minimal blog at this point to get started, then this is the blog site for you!

Jess Glinn