Exclusive Coupon Registration

eGlobal Central understands a gift means more. It includes more meaning such as gratitude to your loved ones. We strive and promise to deliver your gift before Chritmas (24th Dec, 2016). If we cannot deliver on this promise, we will offer you an Exclusive Coupon for your next order!

Please fill in the form below to register for the exclusive coupon. 

* Terms & Conditions:

1.  Delivery promise would only be applied on orders on or before 16th Dec, 2016 but cannot be delivered on or before 24th Dec, 2016.

2. Any cancelled or refunded order cannot be applied on this program.

3. Registration would be started on 25th Dec, 2016 to 31st Jan, 2017, any early or late registration would not be processed. 

5. Exclusive coupon can only be applied on orders from 1st Jan, 2017 to 31st Mar, 2017.

6. Exclusive coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers.

7. Should any dispute arise, the decision of eGlobal Central shall be final.