Does It Make Sense To Own A Second Car?

With growing numbers of car owners in the UK, some people might argue that there are too many cars on what some people consider as already overcrowded roads.

But with car transport being considered a necessity rather than a luxury these days, one seemingly controversial topic that people raise time and again is whether motorists should own a second car!

In today’s blog post, I discuss the finer points of second car ownership, and the pros and cons associated with doing so.

Multiple cars for multiple purposes

Let’s say that you own a large people carrier or estate car, which you would normally use to transport yourself, your family and any cargo up and down the country when required.

There are going to be some occasions where a more-suitable car may be required for certain destinations that you travel solo to, or don’t necessarily need to take your entire family to.

For example, if you live in a suburban neighbourhood and you need to drive to inner-city areas where parking is at a premium, you would benefit from driving there in a smaller and more eco-friendly vehicle.

Main car for practicality, second car for fun

One reason you might benefit from having a second car is if you want to have a “fun” car to drive on weekends.

Not everyone wants to spend their entire time driving around in the “family car”, and the car enthusiast in you might want to have a nice Sunday drive in a classic Jaguar E-Type, for instance!

Backup car

Another reason it could be a good idea for you to buy a second car is to have one as a backup to your main chariot of choice!

According to UK car dealers, growing number of their customers come back to buy second cars which they can use when their main one is being serviced by their local garage, or used by a family member for a road trip.

Let me give you a personal example of why owning a second car makes sense, my car recently failed its MOT on a defective tyre. Unfortunately, the car failed its MOT on a Friday, and as it was a bank holiday weekend, I could not get a replacement until the following Tuesday!

Because I didn’t have the use of a backup car, I had to hire a car for the bank holiday weekend as I had to go and visit family members that lived a few hundred miles away from me.

Using public transport wasn’t an option, as train operating companies run severely reduced services during these times to perform track repair work.

Cheaper than hiring a car

If you and your significant other share the same car, I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of occasions where both of you will need use of the car at the same time!

Owning a second car can be considerably cheaper than hiring one, especially if that problem frequently occurs.

Sandra Scott

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