Avoid the Most Common Gamer Ailments with a Good Gaming Room Set-up

Many gamers play for hours without any sort of health issues. However, anyone who spends a lot of time gaming should be aware of the possible dangers that they need to avoid.

Some of the most common ailments suffered by gamers include vision and musculoskeletal problems as well as the risk of obesity. Setting up your gaming room wisely will help you to minimise the risk of any of these things happening.     

Ergonomics for a Better Posture

Spending a lot of time in a poor posture is one of the worst things a gamer can do. Slouching or having your arms in an unnatural position will cause you to put extra strain on different parts of your body, which could lead to problems in the long term.

Part of the solution to this comes from having your desk and screen at the right height. You need to be able to use your keyboard, mouse or controller at a comfortable height with your forearms resting gently on the desk.

Another good move is to use an ergonomic gaming chair if you want to read reviews about chairs, the Secretlab Omega review is good here. This will ensure that your back is properly positioned and that you are at the right height. The more ways that your chair can be adjusted, the easier it will be for you to get it just perfect.     

An Open View to Change Your Focus

Eye problems can be caused by staring at any screen for too long. The big issue for gamers is that it is so easy to get absorbed in a game that they forget to take breaks frequently.  It has been suggested that you should take breaks of at least 5 minutes every 50 to 90 minutes. 

There are a number of ways of making sure that you do this and give your eyes a break. You could set your alarm, use an app that reminds you or else work out how far in the game you should be able to progress before stopping for a rest.

Having a nice, open view from your gaming room can help you to look away from the screen more regularly. If you can choose a room that has big windows and something interesting to look at, this will make it a lot easier to stick to this habit.  

Enough Light and Fresh Air

Playing games in a darkened, closed room sounds exciting, but the truth is that a lack of light and fresh air can cause you some problems eventually.   These can include nausea, headaches, weak bones, skin problems and dizzy spells.   

The previous point about playing near a big window is also valid here, as this will allow you to get plenty of natural light and fresh air into the room.

Don’t forget that playing in the dark for long spells is bad for your eyes too, so if you don’t have a window nearby you then you should use a lamp for light.    

Somewhere to Stretch and Exercise

A lack of exercise can see gamers suffer from muscular problems, obesity and even depression. This is why it is important to work out a way to get enough exercise time before and during your sessions.

If you can fit in a piece of equipment like an exercise bike or weights, then that is perfect. It should be something that interests you enough to make it an interesting way to take a break from the screen. Even stretching helps, and you can do this a warm-up exercise as well as during your breaks. 

By planning your gaming room with these tips in mind, you can stay healthier while enjoying your games as much as ever. You should also find that being healthier helps to improve your performance too.  

Sandra Scott

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