5 Types of content that get Maximum Shares

Of course you want your company to grow.

So, what’s the best bet these days?

Surely, it’s content marketing. Because content is still the kind when it comes to online marketing.

You are creating content on a regular basis. And ensuring that they are of the highest quality as well. You are even using social media for spreading the word about the content. However, you are not getting the result that you were looking for.

Why so?

You might be creating good content that’s attracting quite a bit of traffic. But are the content being shared at a high rate?

Remember, these days, just getting some traffic won’t do. You need to create content that gets shared by the readers. That’s where the social media platforms come in. You can post your content on the social media platforms where people can read it and share if they like it.

But not all types of content get shared equally. There are specific forms of content, which gain maximum share.

So, how can you create contents, which are shared extensively by the readers on social media?

Here are a few tips that might help you produce such contents.

  • Develop image-based content
  • Quotes as images
  • Leverage the power of how to videos
  • Generate curiosity
  • Lists are a favorite

1. Visual Content Rules

A picture speaks a thousand words – this adage seems as old as humanity. And yet it is as true as it used to be decades ago.

So, if you want to attract the attention of your target audience on social media, it is essential that you use content based on images.

Because if you want your content to get shared, the visual aspect needs to rule the roost. And there’s enough reason for that too.

Did you know?

  • Almost 50% of your brain focuses on visual processing
  • 70% of all the sensory receptors of your body are in your eyes
  • It takes less than 1/10 of a second to perceive a visual scene

So, it is essential to include images when you are posting something on social media to up the chances of it being shared by the readers.

You can use different types of image-based content, which might include:

  • Infographic
  • Personal pictures
  • Authentic photographs

Besides, you can also create image-based tweets to ensure that it gets retweeted and favorited maximum number of times. Even articles with multiple images embedded in them tend to get shared more.

2. Quotes with Images Help

Quotes are among the most shared components on social media. Moreover, they are also among the most engaging content on the social media platforms. So, if you are looking to enhance user experience as well as get your content shared, just go for them. Use the best quotes and post them on social media.

Still seeing no difference?

Again you will have to restructure this activity in line with the concept of using visual content on social media. So, try to combine quotes with images. For example, while using this quote by Abraham Lincoln, the picture of the great statesman has been included as well.

And this surely helps to increase the number of shares to a great extent.

3. Use How to Videos to Get Maximum Shares

So, a picture tells a thousand words.

What will happen if you use a strand of pictures in motion?

Surely it will deliver results even better than what the images offer. And try to add value to the viewers through these videos to ensure that they remain engaged.

One of the best ways to deliver value is to provide some how to videos. Build it in such a way that it offers a step-by-step guide to the viewers to learn to perform some task.

In fact, blog posts that show people how to do something get shared a lot more than anything else.

4. Create Content that Generates Curiosity

Curiosity – that’s a major factor, which plays a role in generating leads to a significant extent.

So, you need to generate curiosity with your content on the social media websites.

But how can you do that?

One of the best way is to create a curiosity gap. It is, in fact, a gap of information between what you want to know and the knowledge that you already have.

So, what’s the best place to use the curiosity gap?

Of course where people view it the most – the headlines. Once the viewers have a look at the headline, their curiosity will be raised and they would surely read the whole write up or view the complete video.

5. Leverage List Posts

When it comes to sharing a content, lists occupy a spot close to the top. Especially when it comes to blogs, it seems people love to read the lists. And they share them too.

So, what are the main reasons behind this?

A list usually makes a promise to the reader at the word go. The moment you read a heading like “Top 10 Tips to Design an Engaging Website”, you know there will be at least 10 tips inside.

If you are attracted by the topic, you’ll surely go through it. And once you like it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t share it with your friends on social media.

To perform well in business these days, it is essential to have a proper content marketing strategy.

But even that would fall flat if the content that you are creating are not shared on a regular basis by the readers.

So, it is essential that you follow these tips to get your content shared extensively on a regular basis.

Dennis Piano

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