5 Hacks For an Obsessively Clean and Scratch Free Car

There are a number of clear signs that your daily drive is due a spot of spa treatment – streaks on the window, half torn bumper stickers, stained seats and to top things off you’ve noticed a couple of scratches in the bodywork.

If you own a Bugatti Veyron the chances are you won’t think twice about parting with £100,000 for the ultimate car wash, but if you drive something a little more modest such as a Ford Fiesta, it’s almost certainly out of your price range.

However, fear not as we have delved in to the secretive world of high-end car cleaning and uncovered a number of out of this world hacks that will enable you to get your car in tip top condition for a fraction of the price.

Clean Your Engine With Dry Ice

Now, unlike the other hacks you’re about to discover, this one is something that you should leave to the professionals. You’ve probably already heard of sandblasting an engine, the result being a super clean looking engine that’s left free from grit, dust, oil and muck, well dry ice blasting is a safer and cleaner, yet cost effective alternative.

There are a number of companies that specialise in dry ice blasting many of which will come to you, but if you do fancy giving it a go yourself, there’s a company called Cryo Genesis who will hire you the kit, provide a spot of on-site training and leave you to it.

Achieve Streak Free Windows With Vinegar

Originating from an old wife’s tale, the idea of cleaning glass with Vinegar might sound crazy, but it works. Not only that, if done properly it leaves glass 100 per cent streak free.

To clean your glass with vinegar, simply add two tablespoons and a gallon of tap water to an empty spray bottle, squirt a thin coat over the window you wish to clean and scrub with an old newspaper.

Given the fact that you can pick a bottle of vinegar up for less than £1, it’s incredibly cost effective and also means you won’t have to worry about storing additional chemical stuffed cleaning products.

Remove Bumper Stickers With WD40

I’m sure most of us have had a bumper sticker at some point, which at the time of stick it on seemed like a brilliant idea. However, after being exposed to the weather for a period of time these stickers can peel, tear or even fade.

Once this has happened, it’s time to remove it, which can be a real pain, unless you use WD40. Yeah, that’s wight, WD40. Simply spray on the sticker in question, leave to sit for five minutes and peal the offending sticker off, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

This technique is also great for removing tree sap, bird droppings and bugs.

Fix Scratches and Scuffs With Toothpaste

Okay, so we’ve already discussed using vinegar to clean windows and now I’m going to explain how you can remove scratches with toothpaste, you think I’m crazy, right?

However, it’s true, simply add a generous dash of toothpaste to a soft cloth and polish over any scratches and scuffs. Of course, this won’t work for every scratch or scuff, it generally works best if the vehicle’s clear coat of paint hasn’t been fully penetrated.

Vanish Interior Odours With Charcoal

Not only does charcoal provide a great, cost effective and chemical free way of removing interior odours, but also helps to improve overall air quality.

Simply open a bag of charcoal and stick it inside your car, leave for as long as necessary, probably a couple of hours or so, then remove. The adde bonus is that you still get to use the bag of charcoal on your next BBQ

Dennis Piano

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